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how to buy bitcoin The world is changing. Mobile phones. Internet. Social Media. Facebook. Computers. Tablets. Online Predators. Cyberbullies. SnapChat. Cyber Trolls. Addiction. Gaming. New trends, new risks and new opportunities are emerging every day.

3103 Communications has one goal: to help everyone conquer the digital world. It may seem ambitious, but we believe that with effective education and training we can help adults and children alike use digital technologies better.

Take Back Control

Manage your child’s internet access for peace of mind about what they are doing online.

Educate Yourself

Join our innovative online cybersafety program for parents.

Face-to-face Learning

Book us for a hands-on presentation or workshop for your school/community group.

“I had the pleasure of attending Kim Maslin’s Cybersafety Presentation, which was organised through my daughter’s school. Kim’s knowledge and passion about cybersafety was just outstanding.

Given the current statistics and facts regarding children and cybersafety, I feel empowered as Kim armed us with practical solutions to handle the environment of the digital age.

As a mother and an optometrist, I believe we should be proactive when it comes to our children’s wellbeing. I would highly recommend all adults who interact with children on a regular basis take on the information that Kim has to share.”



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